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I make it my business to do all that I can to help you accomplish your goals but it won’t always be easy. Sams Life and Body Fitness will provide the tools, knowledge and encouragement to set you up for life, not just for the summer, but it’s you that has to bring the commitment. Together, we’ll create healthy habits, one change at a time.

I help local people all over Catterick become stronger, fitter, lose weight and become happier in their own bodies, regardless of their ability or age. Whether you’re a working professional, a business owner, a work from home parent, non-worker, enjoying retirement, an athlete wanting to improve your performance or a general life enthusiast.

I strive to know who you are and how you live so I can help you make the best choices for your lifestyle.

As your coach I will work with you to achieve your goals, whether that’s to improve your fitness level, help you lose weight, gain strength, become more supple and mobile. Together we will create the healthy lifestyle that you want and deserve. Your success is important to me.

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Client Testimonials

Her genuine, bubbly personality and positive attiturde towards helping me make small and steady changes to my lifestyle to benefit me alone is refreshings. Thanks so much Sammy.
Larissa Franchetti
Can feel the difference, not necessarily the sore muscles but being pushed and motivating me to keep going, this is what i needed.
Jenna Campbell
Sam's happy persona has me looking forward to the gym, motivating me and helps me reach my goals! Sam accomodates my needs around my work hours.
Anna O'Gorman
Sam is a great PT, who is very accomodating around work hours/shifts. Listens to your needs and builds a personal plan towards that.
Stephen Horsley
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